Potato Processing Solutions

DTS supplies a range of standard and custom built equipment for the potato processing industry.

Our range of auger thermal processing solutions include blanchers, coolers, cookers and belt steamers for use in french fry, flake, and potato granule processing lines as well as pre-cooked whole or cut fresh potato products. We supply equipment in all standard capacities used in the industry, from small to extra-large. We supply a range of integrated infeed, by-pass and outfeed solutions, and integration of the system in greenfield or brownfield projects, including heat exchanger, controls, service platforms and piping.

Our auger conveying solutions are used primarily in the wet part of the process line. The robust and hygienic design of our auger conveyors can be executed with lids, clean-in-place, insulated double walled housing, or even load cells. We supply solutions in nearly every capacity for whole or cut products in horizontal, vertical and inclined models. Infeed hoppers can be water filled or dry, and enlarged to add a buffer function to the system.

Our special auger conveyors supply unique solutions for washing whole potatoes before or after steam or abrasive peeling. In addition, we supply brine grading (gravity) equipment for whole potatoes to remove floating foreign material and glassy potatoes.

Auger Conveying
Brine Grading
Bin Systems