Mushrooms Slicing

DTS mushroom slicers set the standard in the mushroom processing industry. Whether fresh/dry or processed/wet, DTS has the solution for you; from compact semi-automatic slicers to high capacity machines with automatic infeed and outfeed solutions. The infeed shaker is designed to evenly feed the slicing section and separate residual soil. The outfeed shaker is designed to screen fines. Each machine is supplied with an integrated control panel, safety equipment, and is fully pre-cabled.

Each machine we supply is backed up by many years of experience; hundreds of them have been sold worldwide, and are being used every day. Our design incorporates refinements that have made DTS slicers the industry benchmark when it comes to slice thickness consistency, the right product orientation for the perfect T-shaped slice, and equipment designed to be easy to clean and maintain. We supply slicing solutions for mushrooms, portobellos, and all other common mushroom varieties.

Consistent and perfected shape slice
Easy to clean and maintain
From single machine to automated solution
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