Fruit Processing Lines

We supply a virtually complete solution for the dehydrated cranberry industry. The line starts with our equipment for receiving frozen berries in bulk. The product is metered into pre-treatment, after which berries are defrosted for juice extraction. The berries are prepared for drying and oiling in a unique infusion blancher. We supply a complete line solution, including sugar solution preparation and management system, heat exchanger, automation and controls, cabling, service platforms and piping.

For the frozen cranberry and blueberry industry, DTS supplies a full range of equipment for cleaning and grading, including de-stemming.

DTS is also well equipped to work with your project team on your processing requirements, and to develop the best line configuration and lay-out. DTS can work closely with the belt drying end-of-line packaging vendor chosen by the customer, to complete the full scope of the project.

One contract party
Built in process knowledge
Engineering and consulting service included
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