Mushrooms Hydration

DTS supplies continuous and batch-type hydration systems for both whole and sliced mushrooms. The principle of hydration is based on placing mushrooms in a water-filled vacuum chamber where air in the mushroom is replaced by water, possibly enriched with ingredients.

Mushrooms are fed into a batch hydration system on a complete pallet. The chamber is closed, and water from a tank fill the chamber. At the end of the cycle, the water is returned to the buffer tank and the chamber is opened for unloading.

Mushrooms or slices are fed into a continuous hydration system by a submerge conveyor. After the submerge conveyor, whole or sliced mushrooms float into the rising tube. The product enters the vacuum chamber, and is transported through the chamber by an internal auger. At the end of the hydration process, whole or sliced mushrooms sink into the downwards tube and end up on an outfeed belt where they are discharged from the system. The system includes water buffer tanks for initial filling, a vacuum pump system, piping, and controls and automation to operate the process. Optionally, all supports and platform can be included.

Manual batch or automated continuous system
Complete system, including utilities and controls
Heavy duty hygienic design
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