DTS has grown into one of the most skilled and cost-effective designers and builders of auger conveyers and auger thermal processing systems. Key to this is the design of the auger itself and the expertise used to build it.

We offer the benefit of our expertise to equipment manufacturers, so they can use and integrate augers in equipment solutions. We are proud that we are now the partner of choice for a diverse group of original equipment manufacturers in the food processing industry.

In addition, we are the partner of choice for many system integrators, who can provide you with our auger conveyors, auger washers, auger blanchers, cooling and cooking expertise. Integrators are able to focus on the unit operation they are most specialised in, and benefit from our expertise and reputation in the market for augers. As a result, they can supply complete potato and vegetable processing lines or augers in integrated solutions.

We would welcome more partners to work with our products in both fields.

System Integrator