Fruit Testing at DTS

DTS understands the benefits of deep knowledge of the process that takes place in our equipment, in order to optimise our solutions and products. We also understand the benefits of a full wet pre-delivery inspection (PDI) or factory acceptance test (FAT) of the system to minimise installation and start-up time. Thanks to our spacious facilities and staff, we can install and wet-test our equipment prior to delivery.

If you are unable to attend the pre-delivery inspection due to current travel restrictions, DTS provides an opportunity to attend a pre-delivery-inspection or factory-acceptance-test virtually. We can provide 360-degree video footage of our test run and VR glasses with preloaded video of the test at your desk, wherever you are.

In-house capability for full line installation and wet test
Minimises installation and start-up time on site
Innovative VR test attendance capability
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