Parts & Services

Our equipment is used in industrial plants where, apart from cleaning and scheduled maintenance downtime, equipment runs continuously. Our strict engineering standards meet the criteria for these conditions. Our parts and service team is on hand to support you to keep your equipment fit for purpose, with original parts and assistance from our specialists.

Service worldwide

Our engineers are ready to provide service around the globe

Spare parts

For all your questions regarding spare parts or purchasing them
In order to keep the equipment in the condition as it was when supplied we advise to have DTS machines inspected periodically so that preventive maintenance can be scheduled. We stock all critical parts, whether commercial items or DTS manufactured parts for fast delivery in emergencies. These original DTS parts meet the quality standards required for the proper functioning of our equipment. Contact our parts department for your requirement.
Our service team offers the original installation and commissioning of the equipment and is available for inspection and service afterwards. We understand how important it is to keep our equipment operating reliably and are, on request, there to assist your maintenance team. Should an unexpected service requirement come up, then DTS has the flexibility to react quickly. We can support with manufacturing and repair of damaged parts from our own shop in The Netherlands and will make every effort to meet your needs.

Engineering philosophy

DTS applies an engineering philosophy with focus on: ‘equipment shall be easy to maintain’. For example, rather than building augers with shaft ends out of one piece, we provide bolt on shaft ends that can be replaced when damaged. These are DTS manufactured items and on stock at DTS for immediate delivery.