Simens Alimentare upgrades mushroom processing line with DTS

3 October 2020

Managing Director of Simens, Angelo Guidolin (centre of photo, left project manager Edwin van Eck (DTS) and DTS partner for Italy Gilles van der Lans (Alcet) during recent pre-delivery inspection of the equipment at DTS.

Simens Alimetare Srl is a family owned business, founded and currently ran by the Guidolin family. The company has been involved in processing of various types of mushrooms for 60 years and has become famous under the Fungi & Sapori brand.

Simens  approached DTS and Alcet to help improve the existing process. Several challenges existed in the old line, mostly related to hard to clean equipment and lack of flexibility and control over the process conditions. With a solution of our special mushroom blancher and cooler, Simens is getting a solution that is both easy to clean, accurate in controlling process conditions while gentle with the product. The special blancher is equipped with submersion to retain all product submersed during processing. Infeed of the blancher and cooler is by gentle water flume. Transfer out of the blancher is done by DTS precision auger. Gentle water float-out option is included in the cooler.

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When it comes to building auger based conveying and thermal processing solutions accuracy and narrow tolerances are of utmost importance. Not enough tolerance can create mechanical damage, too much tolerance may cause product damage or unhygienic spots. At DTS we built auger conveyors from small to extra-large diameter and length. Even at impressively large systems, DTS maintains a narrow tolerance over the full length and diameter of the auger and housing. A combination of smart designs and skilled technicians in our workshop ensure that each machine produced at DTS conforms with the quality standards we are known for world-wide. Our high finishing and hygienic standards are synonymous with our built quality and our people take pride in driving these standards. Contact us for a visit to meet our people, see our modern facilities and experience our skills and expertise.